Preserve Chatham County is grateful to have permission from Dr. G. Fred Lee to cite his website and host a few of his landfill papers (see Landfill Health Effects page.) Dr. Lee’s environmental health work spans five decades. Dr. Lee and his wife Dr. Anne Jones-Lee have evaluated over 75 landfills in nine countries, including “Superfund” hazardous waste landfills.

G. FRED LEE, Ph.D., P.E., BCEE, F.ASCE, earned his Master of Science in Public Health from the University of North Carolina in 1957 and his PhD degree in environmental engineering from Harvard University in 1960. For 30 years he served on the graduate civil and environmental engineering/science faculty of several major US universities where he taught, conducted research, mentored the Masters and PhD work of 90 students, published extensively in professional journals, and actively undertook public service for the regulatory, professional, and lay communities.

In 1989 Dr. Lee retired from his academic career to focus on private consulting and public service; he is president of G. Fred Lee & Associates. Areas of emphasis include domestic water supply water quality focusing on how land use in a water supply watershed impacts water supply water quality; investigation and management of surface and groundwater quality, stormwater runoff, contaminated sediments, land surface activities that impact groundwater quality, and use of reclaimed wastewater; and investigation and management of impacts of solid and hazardous chemicals including MSW and hazardous waste landfills, Superfund, and other hazardous chemical sites.

Dr. Lee has published more than 1100 professional papers and reports many of which are freely available on his website: